Thursday, October 1, 2009

Special Guest: Vanessa Van Petten

Radical Parenting
I'm pleased to have a special guest blogger today. These articles are by Vanessa Van Petten who runs a parenting blog written from the kid's perspective with 20 teen writers. Their goal is to give parents a secret view into the world of kids and youth.
Here are Vanessa's descriptions of three recent posts.

Teacup Parenting: Is your Child too Fragile Here I delve into the four different types of kids I see today and what their pitfalls and strengths are!

Cotton Candy Friends How social networking, IMing, texting and the Internet are changing teen’s friendships

10 Rules Kids Wished Their Parents Lived By Here are our radical parenting principles put together by Vanessa and our Teen Team of how we wish parenting would be.

Many thanks to Vanessa and her teen collaborators!

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